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Location: Orlando, FL

Hands-on aerospace-engineering hardware-focused fabrication technician located within the Mechanical Engineering (ME) department. The overall primary job responsibility is low observables fabrication tasks, as well as composites and general materials fabrication tasks, on aerospace-grade prototype and production parts and assemblies in support of internal customers for research and development projects and contracted programs, while ensuring compliance with all applicable company policies and procedures for laboratory operations. Requested tasks are verified by and evaluated with the lead engineer. The position reports to the Supervisor of the Radar Absorbing Materials (RAM) Lab and the Manager of the Materials Evaluation Labs Fabrication Group, under the ME Labs Senior Manager, operating as a key section of the Mechanical Engineering Directorate within Engineering and Technology for LM Missiles and Fire Control.



DURATION: 1 Year (02/28/2019 to 02/01/2020)
SHIFT: 1st
ADDED DATE: 02/26/2019



  •   Active DoD Secret Clearance (Last investigation within 5 years)
  •   Ability to obtain DoD TS with special  access
  •  4 years’ experience as a Low Observables Technician/Spray Coatings Technician
  •  Experience in precision spraying of and working with a variety of Radar Absorbing Materials (RAM) and Radar Absorbing Structures (RAS).
  •  Experience in application of primers and topcoats relative to Low Observables (LO) technology and model fabrication.
  •  Experience in composite hand layup (fiber glass and carbon fiber) for fabrication of panels and Low Observables hardware.
  •  Capable of obtaining certifications to operate a pallet stacker and overhead hoist/cranes.
  •  Demonstrated sound writing and verbal communication skills in a teaming environment.
  •  Ability to interface with engineering and program personnel.



  • Proficient in computing within a Windows-based MS Office-suite centered environment for communication, scheduling, data processing, and basic data transfer.
  • Experience with assembly of engineering prototype hardware and operation of basic machine shop manual and power equipment (mill, drill press, band saw, hand power tools, etc) for model hardware fabrication.
  • Able to read engineering drawings and assemble hardware as called out on engineering drawings.
  • Current Special Access Program clearances.
  • Current DoD Top Secret clearance..