Experience of the Executives

  • Executives Tremendous Aerospace Industry Experience
  • USAF Ballistic Missile Office with Peacekeeper and Small ICBM Programs, Propulsion Systems Testing, IT, ISO Expertise, C-130 Aircraft Maintenance, Engineering, R&D, Weapon’s System Assessment, Analysis and Training
  • Exec VP Level Management in Multiple Aerospace Firms
  • Broad Federal Agencies background (NASA, DoD, FEMA, DOC, USGS, etc.) as well as State Governments and Commercial Business
  • Competitive Employee Benefits within Very Competitive Total Wrap Rate for Service Contracting
  • Program and Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Rocket Propulsion Testing
  • IT Services
  • GIS Services and Applications
  • Business Development
  • R&D
  • Training

Our Services

Solutions & Services Overview:

PSCI has tremendous experience in providing Technical and Business Solutions and Services associated with Federal Government contract activities. Specific knowledge of program and project management, contracts, deliverables, reporting, personnel management, back office requirements and other related activities for low risk operation of Government contracts.

Program & Project Management:

Highly qualified professional and experienced Program and Project Managers ensure customer focused solutions. PSCI provides mature management with many years experience in NASA, DoD, USGS and more Federal Government activities. We will provide the management skills, business development, proposal support, or consulting to provide the best solution possible.

Service Contracting:

Program/Project Management, Engineering, Operations, IT, Technology, and Administration. PSCI is experienced in service contracting with Federal Agencies and their Prime Contractors. Our company meets required industry pricing while providing competitive benefits and salaries. We have a full understanding of meeting Government Requirements. 
> Technical Services: Science, Engineering, Engineering Support Services, GIS / Remote Serving, IT, R & D.
> Operations: Lab Operations, Test Operations, Facility Operations.
> Administrative Program and Admin. Related Service Activities. 

Business Development:

One of the necessary, difficult and costly activities performed by Federal Government Contractors is Business Development. PSCI can assist with the overall business development strategy, process, proposal development, and teaming activities. We will perform as teammates if a collaborative position is identified and we can perform as consultants if that's what the situation calls for. Let us help you with experience and methods that have been time tested and generated excellent results over many years of implementation. 

Technology Solutions:

Design, Development, R&D, Implementation and Infusion. Integrated solutions based on customer requirements and desires typically use multiple sources for individual project elements. 
> Engineering, IT, Communications, Innovations.
> Specific Hardware / Software Solutions, Equipment Upgrades / Enhancements.
> Technology Insertion and Technology Infusion.


Program/Project, Technical, Business Development, Business Operations, Support to Federal Agencies. Founder and Affiliates provide experienced based consulting services that yield results 
and solutions.
> Business Operations Remote Sensing / GIS
> Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Science Technology and Engineering
> Rocket Propulsion Testing