Tim Brogdon is the President/CEO and Founder of PSCI.  As such Tim is responsible for corporate governance and strategic direction of PSCI. He has over 30 years’ experience in engineering, technology, business development and management of technology activities. His experience includes serving as a USAF Officer at the Headquarters for Ballistic Missile Office and various engineering and program management positions as well as corporate governance as Executive VP for three small to medium size technology companies. Some past titles include Branch Chief for Peacekeeper and Small ICBM Mechanical Systems, OIC for USAF Rapid Runway Repair and Base Damage Assessment, Manager of Systems Engineering and Advanced Technology for Rocket Propulsion Testing, General Manager of Laboratory Operations, Vice President Technology Applications, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Executive Vice President.  He was responsible for systems engineering activities; general management and program management of R&D and technical services; concept, development and implementation of new/emerging technology and implementation of new business structures and organizations and executive level operations and management. Tim has supported a diverse customer base including NASA, DoD, USGS, USACE, Many Prime Contractors, Local Governments, Municipalities and Commercial customers. Tim graduated with honors from Mississippi State University earning his bachelor/s degree in Engineering in 1984 and from William Cary College earning his MBA in 1995.

Tim Brogdon: President/CEO